Nationwide Stock Buyers UK

We purchase clearance stock, surplus stock, excess stock, old stock, short dated stock, damaged stock and much more.
We offer same day payment & collection of stock within 48 hours.
As we have our own fleet of vehicles ranging from vans to lorries.
If you need to clear your warehouse, office or unit, please get in touch.

We will be more than happy to make you an offer on any stock available.

  • Liquidation Stock Buyers

    We buy all liquidation stock. We offer collection as fast as the very next day. Same-day cash payment for liquidation stock fast and secure. Let us help you to clear your unwanted, overstock, clearance, surplus or excess stock

    Liquidation Stock Buyers 
  • Surplus Stock Buyers

    Do you have surplus, clearance, or excess stock taking up valuable space in your warehouse? We're interested in purchasing your stock and helping you free up room for new inventory.

    Surplus Stock Buyers 
  • Nationwide Car & Van Buyers

    If you are considering selling your vehicle, you have come to the right place! At Stock Buyer, we are interested in purchasing all kinds of vehicles, including cars, vans, and more.

    Nationwide Vehicle Buyers 
  • Plant & Machinery Buyers

    Looking to upgrade your current machinery or plant equipment? We will make you an offer on your old machinery.

    Plant & Machinery Buyers 
  • Forklift buyers sell my forklift or telehander

    Forklift Buyers

    We will make an offer on any forklift or telehandler with our hassle-free selling process. We make fair offers based on market value.

    Forklift buyers 
  • Shipping Container Buyers

    Sell Your Container For Cash, Fast Collect Available

    Container Buyers 
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Do you offer stock collection?

Yes! If we make you an offer on your stock or assets this means we take full responsibility for collecting the items. We aim to collect stock within 48 hours.

Where are you located?

We are located in Swansea, but we operate nationwide thanks to our fleet of vehicles. From small vans to arctic lorries.

How long does your offer last?

If we made you an offer on your stock, we will stand by it for 3 days. This gives you time to find other buyers for your stock, if not, you will definitely recieve the agreed price from us.

What do you buy?

Your Stock Buyers UK
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Will you buy anything?

We certainly will. Thats what sets us apart from the rest. We will make an offer on any stock, whether you accept our offer is down to you, but you will 100% receive an offer on what we think we can pay for your items.

Who Are We at

At, we pride ourselves on being the one stop destination for all things related to the sale of assets, whether it be personal or company assets, we offer a quick and easy process to sell your stock.
We ensure a swift and hassle-free experience.

Office Tel: πŸ“ž 0121 630 1446