What Do We Buy?

1. Distressed Inventory and Surplus

  • Clearance Stock Buyers: Purchasing items that are on sale or clearance, typically to be sold at a discount.
  • Excess Stock Buyers: Acquiring surplus goods that exceed the usual requirement or demand.
  • Surplus Stock Buyers: Buying more items than are needed, often due to overproduction or overordering by the original purchaser.
  • Out of Date Stock Buyers: Procuring items that are past their sell-by or use-by dates but might still be usable or resalable.
  • Liquidation Stock Buyers: Purchasing goods from companies that are liquidating their assets, usually due to bankruptcy or closure.
  • Bankrupt Stock Buyers: Acquiring assets from businesses that have declared bankruptcy and are required to sell their inventory to settle debts.

2. Property & Land

  • Residential Property Buyers: Purchasing homes, apartments, condominiums, etc.
  • Commercial Property Buyers: Acquiring office spaces, retail locations, warehouses, etc.
  • Land Buyers: Purchasing undeveloped land parcels.

3. Automotive and Vehicles

  • Used Car Buyers: Acquiring used vehicles of various makes and models.
  • Commercial Vehicle Buyers: Purchasing trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicles.
  • Motorcycle Buyers: Acquiring two-wheelers of different makes and models.

4. Industrial Equipment and Machinery

  • Heavy Machinery Buyers: Procuring construction and industrial machinery.
  • Agricultural Equipment Buyers: Purchasing farming and agricultural equipment.
  • Manufacturing Equipment Buyers: Acquiring machinery used in manufacturing processes.

5. Boats and Marine

  • Yacht Buyers: Purchasing luxury yachts and boats.
  • Fishing Boat Buyers: Acquiring boats designed for fishing activities.
  • Sailboat Buyers: Purchasing sail-powered boats of various sizes.

6. Antiques and Collectibles

  • Antique Furniture Buyers: Procuring vintage and antique furniture pieces.
  • Collectible Item Buyers: Acquiring rare and valuable collectibles.
  • Art Buyers: Purchasing art pieces, sculptures, paintings, etc.

7. Commodities and Materials

  • Gold and Precious Metal Buyers: Purchasing gold, silver, platinum, etc.
  • Raw Material Buyers: Acquiring raw materials like metals, polymers, etc., for manufacturing.
  • Scrap Metal Buyers: Purchasing discarded metal items for recycling.

8. Consumer Products

  • Electronics Buyers: Acquiring consumer electronics like phones, laptops, etc.
  • Appliance Buyers: Purchasing home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
  • Fashion Buyers: Procuring clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.

9. Investment and Financial Instruments

  • Stock Buyers: Investing in shares of publicly traded companies.
  • Bond Buyers: Purchasing debt securities from governments, municipalities, or corporations.
  • Cryptocurrency Buyers: Acquiring digital or virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

10. Agricultural Produce

  • Crop Buyers: Purchasing various types of agricultural produce.
  • Livestock Buyers: Acquiring animals like cattle, pigs, sheep, etc.

11. Services and Intellectual Property

  • Patent Buyers: Purchasing rights to intellectual property and inventions.
  • Domain Name Buyers: Acquiring internet domain names.
  • Business Service Buyers: Procuring services related to business operations, like consulting, marketing, etc.

12. Aerospace and Aviation

  • Aircraft Buyers: Purchasing airplanes, jets, helicopters, etc.
  • Drone Buyers: Acquiring unmanned aerial vehicles of various sizes and capabilities.

13. Renewable Energy Equipment

  • Solar Equipment Buyers: Purchasing solar panels and related equipment.
  • Wind Turbine Buyers: Acquiring wind energy generation equipment.


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