Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you buy surplus stock? 
Yes, we buy all kinds of surplus stock, excess stock, unwanted stock, clearance stock, obsolete stock, short-dated stock. 
Do you offer collection of stock?
We certainly do! If we make a successful offer, we take all responsibility for collection. We aim to collect the stock within 48 hours. From 1 pallet to an arctic lorry, quantity is not a problem.
How long does your offer last for?
If we make you an offer, we will stand by it for 3 days! This gives you a chance to try and find another buyer, but also gives you a safety net knowing you can get paid for your surplus stock. 
I need my stock gone ASAP, when is the earliest you can collect?
We usually collect stock within 48 hours, but if needed, collection can be brought forward to within 24 hours. We know that sometimes warehouse space is crucial and that old stock must be moved on in order to make space.
How quick will I get the money for my stock?
Immediately, if we buy your stock you can expect a 10% deposit and the remaining balance on collection. We will never leave without the funds showing up or cash being paid to you. We want to make selling your stock as easy & hassle free as possible.
If you have stock to clear, then please complete the form below and we will be in contact ASAP.